WATS Selected Functionality  

WATS is the scalable alternative. It gathers all test data automatically from multiple test stations. In a small local area, worldwide -- or both. New production sites and test stations can easily be added.
Whenever a network connection is present, the test data moves to the next level and replicated into the Master database. Because communications between WATS modules are TCP/IP-based, all information can be routed over Internet. 

With GPS Coordinates, WATS station Map gives you real-time overview of all test stations and local servers ub your WATS system. It desplays helth status of servers and connected test stations.
  • Statistical information, reports received last 24 hours, 7 days, current month, current year and total.
  • First Pass yield and test volume charts
  • Built for big screen presentation- show your customers that you are in control!

The System Manager has been moved to the Control Panel. A new tab named “Station Names” lists all “Station Name” aliases used at the client (as well as different Locations and Purposes).
If configured at the server (default off), new clients that connect to the WATS system must be activated before they are allowed to send reports to the database. 

In order to do a “batch” upgrade of all the connected clients, users can upload a new WATS Client to the server. All clients that are connected to that server*, will then automatically be updated.
IMPORTANT: Only upload WATS Client version 4 or higher.
(* The Client Update only applies to WATS Servers “at one level”. This meaning that in order to update clients that are connected to a Local Server, the new client software must be uploaded to the Local Server using the Control Panel.)

As an option to receiving data from multiple sites using wats applications (WATS Client (TestStand/LabVIEW/.NET,) WATS Local Server), a web service utilizing the ATML format can be installed and made available for sub sites.

Read about the 
WATS ATML Service in details.

Latest News

WATS Mobile App

May 22, 2017
WATS Mobile App - a new tool for WATS on premise and skyWATS.com users.
Download the app today, for free. 

Vicotee Njord- launched at Electronica

November 08, 2016
Press release:  Vicotee Njord, the versatile Plug & Play IoT solution based on Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IPTM to be launched at Electronica 2016 
München, Germany, November 8, 2016 - Norwegian company Vicotee AS, part of the Virinco Group, announces the release of Vicotee Njord - a wireless mesh Internet of Things (IoT) sensor interface which utilizes SmartMesh IP™ from Linear Technology Corporation.


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