Customer Statements


"After implementing WATS we received real yield information, improved reporting tools and better traceability, also less administration between manufacturing and quality departments.

The interest from R&D and Management has increased since they can see unfiltered information. The informative web interface of WATS encourages R&D to follow as a product owner and be pro-active!"
Jørn Amundsen - Senior Engineer

 "WATS, a great tool, also for engineers. Easy to monitor Teststeps, Product yield and Test yield. Especially I like the capability to see all Cp and CPk’s in a single view of a particular board.
In everyday work, WATS improve test equipment, on long term- WATS eliminate structural failures"
Marco Geerligs- Testengineer

 "With WATS, our field failures have decreased, quality has been improved, yield  has improved, control and insight has been improved. 
Everything has improved after implementing WATS and more automatic testing." 
Matthijs Vader- CEO

 "Without any doubts, WATS has no competitors. There is no feature we need that WATS does not offer."
Read the customer statement here  Ola K. Melien - Simpro AS- Test Department Manager

“ WATS has allowed us an entirely new insight into our processes. It simplifies our daily tasks and helps us to get production under control. Because yield says so much about quality, WATS reports helps spot problems almost before they begin” . 

Read the complete white paper here.
Ove Pedersen - Kongsberg Maritime Subsea Division - head of the Central Test

“ We’ve been using WATS for the past four months and we’re already impressed by the possibility it gives us to increase yield. WATS has already returned our investment!”
Lasse Hertel - Technical Director 

" The WATS system makes Eltek Valere confident of the global outsourcing"
Reidar Hagen - CTO       


 Read the complete white paper here


" The return rate of this investment is great. The corrective actions we have been able to perform in the first months at product and process, based at the information provided by the WATS system, has saved us  at least the cost of the product. "  
Vidar Åsvang - NPI test manager   

      Read the complete white paper here.

 “We use WATS to reduce engineering time spent on storing, retrieving and reporting on production, repair, supplier or R&D product data by almost 90%”
Thorstein Østen - Quality Manager     Read the complete white paper here.

Latest News


September 14, 2017
ABB Control Technologies selects Virinco´s WATS for Test Data Analysis. 

By selecting WATS we will gain real time information from our production sites globally. We can easily investigate issues that occurs by analysis tools and reports provided in WATS.

WATS Mobile App

May 22, 2017
WATS Mobile App - a new tool for WATS on premise and users.
Download the app today, for free. 


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