WATS -- Virinco’s off-the-shelf Test Data Management software – helps KM Subsea Division automate test data management. KM Subsea Division now plans to expand its WATS use.

Kongsberg Maritime Subsea Division has used WATS for the past 2-to-3 years and are very satisfied with their solution. As of today, one department – Kongsberg Maritime Subsea Division – is using WATS to automate its test data management and make test and production data more easily accessible.

"KM Subsea Division has been so pleased with the results it achieves through WATS that we are expanding our WATS use to test our entire system -- we will do Factory acceptance Tests (FAT) of our systems and also test those as delivered to our customers," says Ove Pedersen, head of the Central Test Department for Kongsberg Maritime Subsea Division.

In the case of fishing fleet customers, WATS will allow KM Subsea Division to deliver test reports to WATS from the field so that its products can be monitored after delivery.

WATS is Virinco’s off-the-shelf Test Data Management software which easily integrates with National Instruments’ TestStand and other test applications. WATS release 3.0 has now been made even better, with new design, functionality and process improvements.

New Insight

"I’ve worked a long time in the branch and have seen things develop quickly," notes Ove. "WATS has allowed us an entirely new insight into our processes. It simplifies our daily tasks and helps us to get production under control."

Today, KM Subsea Division mainly uses WATS for testing at the product circuit board level in its electronics production. Here it combines data from three Norwegian producers in diverse geographic locations.

"We can pick up almost immediately if we have poor yield on a specific circuit board in electronics production. Because yield says so much about quality, this helps use spot problems almost before they begin," states Ove.

Task Force Recommendation

Now, KM Subsea Division is looking at the standardization of WATS throughout the entire Kongsberg Maritime organization. Ove sits on a Quality, Development, Production and Testing Task Force for Kongsberg Maritime. The task force has been looking for ways to standardize testing across the various divisions that make up the organization, and Ove’s results in KM Subsea Division indicate that WATS may be part of the answer.

With over 3,000 employees, Kongsberg Maritime is the largest part of the Kongsberg Group. It has eight production locations around the globe, in such diverse locations as Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth (UK), Draper and Pocasset (USA), Vancouver (Canada), and Horten, ,Trondheim and Kongsberg (Norway).

Simrad is the world's most recognized brand in professional fish finding equipment. It has more than 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing of advanced fishery sonars, echo sounders and net

instruments. Its advanced electronic solutions require production that is coordinated and continuously improving in order to remain on top in a competitive marketplace.

Global Coordination across a range of markets For an overview of the global range of Kongsberg Maritime markets check out the link to the Kongsberg website: http://www.km.kongsberg.com/


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