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UUT Reporting
The core of all WATS reporting is the UUT (Unit Under Test) report. Collect, organize and access UUT reports the easy way!
Using the WATS Client, create UUT reports from anywhere and get access through the web based Report & Analysis application.
Save time with no database handling, flat file layout, maintenance or supporting your organization with data from the ATE’s. Any user can login and view UUT reports in a quick and secure way!

View Yield data and trend numeric values - Perform Yield analysis, drill down unit data in “Serial Number History”, analyze repair time or view all servers and clients in an interactive map and much more! Depending on the installed WATS modules, WATS Report & Analysis grants access to a number of different reports. SPC, Yield, trends, OEE, traceability, WIP tracking and others.

Document and trace repairs on the fly, globally.  By combining test data results (symptom of problem) with repair data (diagnosis, or confirmed causes of the problem) in real time, the Repair Module provides future-oriented companies a powerful tool for permanent increased competitiveness.    



Server based tool for collecting data from various databases, network catalogues, etc. for  standardized test data collection and automatic transfer to the WATS database.  Interface Tool can be an addition to, or substitute for, WATS Client software installed directly on the test PC. 

  • WATS IT allows you to interface with existing test equipment that is already producing reports, generating additional cost savings. This can give faster Return on Investment
  • WATS IT lets you convert check lists and other manual paper reports to electronic data (such as interfacing/importing Excel spreadsheets or Word documents)
  • WATS IT allows you to enter historical data into WATS
  • WATS IT allows you to gather data from other installations with “fixed” reporting from sources such as AOI (Automatic Optical Inspector) and FPT (Flying Probe Tester), among others
  • WATS IT can read in reports in a range of formats (report layouts) and with various data types (text, xml,, database, excel) 

The new and improved version of “Captains View”.  The dashboard module is now released. You can easily create customizable dashboards with refresh capabilities and custom filters. Each user can create their own private dashboards, or a super-user can create and share public dashboards.

Make sure all units are produced and tested the right way! Using a web based graphical designer, the WATS Workflow module allow you to define the production and test process, and force each individual unit to be routed correctly though the manufacturing floor. 

This module is designed to distribute all types of software and files from the WATS Master Server to any node connected to the WATS system (Local Servers or Clients). Using the Web-based GUI, upload any file to WATS and create packages ready for distribution. 

The WATS API can then download the SW packages to the client. An example is the test SW that are automatically downloaded to clients and executed in NI TestStand according to the product to be tested. The purpose of this is to increase control on the distribution of this type of SW that we know is often done manually at most of our customers today.
Via a Web-based GUI (WATS Control Panel) you can organize and upload software and other files, create packages and "release" control this. 


One of the main functions of WATS MES is to collect data from various external systems and make them available on test and repair stations in a distributed environment. Many customers have substantial information in other business systems like ERP or PLM/PDM systems, that are useful during test and repair. Examples are box-build info (unit consist of), embedded firmware info, work instructions and manuals. This information can be utilized on the ATE’s or a repair station for even better quality assurance. (The module is supported in the WATS API)
The module also keep track on every individual Unit in the WATS system and maintain the “now” information on the Unit. 

Looking at the test reports (UUT) as a symptom of failure and the repair reports (UUR) as the description of the cause on single units (e.g. process or component failure) the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) module is the next level of quality improvement.
RCA helps you: 
  • Define (what happened?)
  • Analyze (why did it happened?) 
  • Prevent (what will be done to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again) 
With WATS, you can create issues (RCA ticket) and corrective action requests, manage the resolution of these requests through team collaboration (with your employees and partners), assign tasks, track completion of long-term preventive actions, and link all the tickets to UUT or UUR reports or any other Yield or SPC data with searchable tags.
The RCA is a general tool following the D8 RCA setup and can be used for any cases, not only test and repair related.
The module allows team members to follow through the complete RCA analysis and solve/close tickets. For more details, please visit our Resource Center  

(Paperless repair) When a failed UUT report is created, it will tell the symptom of the failure (e.g. failed in the 5 volt internal measurement).
The next step of investigation is the repair or rework operation.

With the Repair functionality operators can launch a web based reporting tool that allow scanning the unit’s serial number, see the failed report, enter the type of failure/repair/rework on the unit (e.g. Solder balls), reference to a component, comment and attach an image of the failure.
By combining test results with repair data, WATS can provide advanced analysis and traceability. 
This will help determine the Root Cause of the failure a lot faster and enables quality improvements on products due to better DfT (Design for Test), DfM (Design for Manufacturing) or selection of component and processes.

Paperless checklist and reporting
Prepare electronic checklists and log data from any process manually.
In the scenario where a ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) don’t perform the tests, use Manual Inspection for paperless reporting using the web based Operator Interface.

Latest News

WATS Mobile App

May 22, 2017
WATS Mobile App - a new tool for WATS on premise and skyWATS.com users.
Download the app today, for free. 

Vicotee Njord- launched at Electronica

November 08, 2016
Press release:  Vicotee Njord, the versatile Plug & Play IoT solution based on Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IPTM to be launched at Electronica 2016 
München, Germany, November 8, 2016 - Norwegian company Vicotee AS, part of the Virinco Group, announces the release of Vicotee Njord - a wireless mesh Internet of Things (IoT) sensor interface which utilizes SmartMesh IP™ from Linear Technology Corporation.


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