Vicotee AS is a part of Virinco AS.
Vicotee is a leading Internet of Things company (IoT), delivering Smart Sensors for scalable IoT Solutions to the professional market around the world.

Vicotee can be used wherever sensors are needed for monitoring purposes. Whether it is building automation, environmental monitoring, offshore, green energy, Smart Cities, healthcare, hospitals or homes, the Vicotee network solution offers more than 99.99999% network reliability even in the most challenging RF environments - equivalent to cabled network reliability!
The system provides ultra-low power, standards-based radio technology, time, frequency, and physical diversity to assure reliability, scalability, wire-free power source flexibility and ease of use.

Vicotee Smart IoT Sensors for the professional market

Vicotee Products

Vicotee Njord
Vicotee Njord sensor system The Vicotee Njord product is a module based solution.
Out of the box, the Vicotee Njord has 4 build-in sensors:
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • accelerometer
  • ambient light
Vicotee Bifrost Gateway
Vicotee Bifrost Gateway
Vicotee gateway, easy to set up and configure.
Cloud connetion, ethernet connector.
Small Particle & Nitric Oxide Sensor
The sensor solution will enable the implementation of innovative air quality monitoring devices that prevent air pollution damage.
The sensor can measure particles down to 0,38um.
Vicotee Aurora
Twofold unit consist of one radio mainboard unit with either SMARTMESH IP, LORA, SigFox og NBIoT.

Use AURORA sensors to monitor Environmental / VOC, Temperature and Humidity.

Build up your Smart City with AURORA.
Vicotee Time of Flight (ToF)
The ToF (Time of Flight) is a fast, accurate distance ranging sensor, allowing you to measure distance to elements located in front of it.
  • Smart dust-bins
  • Snow depth monitoring
  • Blockages of emergeicy exits
Agri Sensor
Capacitive Agri sensor The sensor contains an array of sensor elements, able to detect the capacitive parameters of adjacent mediums. This allows you to programmatically detect and distinguish between different types of fluids and mediums.
Level measurements can be done inside containers or it can be the level of a river or the sea.